SUNCY Concept is one of the lead program our company develop in Monaco as resident company of Monaco Tech the startup Center of Excellence co-founded by the Principality of Monaco, Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel. 
The main objective is to implement,promote and valuate the leisure solar boating as a pertinent response for cities and institutionals in the way of a smart city development. 
The program provides an efficient operational solution interfacing with tourism services as well as operators and professionals enhancing all communication aspects and capabilities needed to a successful and efficient experience the cities becomes able to provide to the final users. 
 SUNCY Concept program is a smart grid vision dedicated to smart cities. 
An unique experience offered to your customers 
SUNCY Concept has been designed to respond with care to a very high level of requirement, specific to the actors of the upscale and luxury hotels. 
In this sense, the smallest details have been specifically studied in order to propose a successful and efficient concept, which interfaces perfectly with the operational services of hotel operators, restaurants and / or F & B services on demand. 
 SUNCY's innovative approach is based primarily on a long and recognized experience in the field of tourism business, serving prestigious achievements and top-notch brand names.

Solar boats studied 
A unique shared experience of electro-solar navigation in full autonomy, silent and odorless, without license, fun and accessible to all. 
 Our boats are unique as designed by us and to match all the specificities we want to promote successfully and efficiently.

Respect and protect your environment 
Demonstrate a strong commitment to the future and communicate your concrete commitment to respect the environment.